Life for Silver Coast is the innovative integrated electric mobility project which from 2019 will cut the environmental impact in the municipalities of Monte Argentario, Orbetello and Giglio Island to almost zero. This revolutionary concept for urban sustainability is based on the use of exclusively electric vehicles to boost the accessibility of areas that attract large volumes of tourists and that are poorly served by public transport. The initiative has obtained financing from the European Commission as part of LIFE 2016, the European Union programme for the environment and for the fight against climate change.

There will be one shuttle bus to connect the Orbetello train station with various areas of interest, while boats will ferry tourists to the beautiful beaches of Feniglia and Giannella, departing from the lagoon town and from Monte Argentario. Charging stations for car and scooter sharing schemes will also be installed in strategic locations throughout the territory.

Can you guess who will be the scooter sharing operator mentioned in the project? Yes, Scuter!

Here you can read more info on the project, carried on by Enel-X as one of the main partners.