L’environnement est également l’un des points clés des start-ups. Scuter, start-up romaine lancera prochainement un cyclomoteur électrique à trois roues composé d’un toit, d’un siège et d’une ceinture de sécurité en libre-service dans les rues de Rome.

The environment is also one of the key points of start-ups. Scuter, a Roman start-up, will soon be launching a three-wheel electric moped consisting of a roof, a seat and a self-service seat belt in the streets of Rome.


According to Forbes, in a special dossier on the best startups to look at in Italy, Scuter is the startups that will impact more on cities and sustainability!

Here you can read the dossier (in French) and the page dedicated to Scuter. Below, a very good excerpt translated by French:

We would like to start offering our service in Italy to expand in Europe and why not all over the world” hopes Gianmarco, smiling. Meanwhile, Rome will be the first to welcome the 600 vehicles of the start-up. For the future, Scuter would like to introduce a franchise system so that it can use the same service in different national and international cities. Their slogan “saves time, money while helping the environment”, could well conquer other nations.