How it Works 

When you join Scuter, you’re part of our community. This means we will create an environment where members can use our mobility services and also help out managing our Scuter re-locations in exchange for discounted or even free use of our Scuters.

Being a member enables you to use our fleet in any city where Scuters are available. You can locate and book your Scuter from your App, Once you arrive at the reserved vehicle you can unlock it with your smartphone. The Scuter App activates the vehicle and you’re ready to ride to your destination where you can close your rental as long you park it within the geo-fenced area displayed on the App. When done, you simply close the rental and you will receive an invoice by email and your credit card billed.

With the built-in smart touchscreen display, Scuter will sync with your smartphone. If you had previously installed your favorite radio station or navigation system with tourist guide and hotspots, Scuter will be a personalized ride.

Knowing your personal preferences, Scuter can also keep you up to date about sales, events and other activities in the neighborhood while you drive by.

If there is no Scuter around you and you’re in a hurry, you are able to send a premium request, whereby the Scuter community will see your request for a Scuter and can quickly drop one off at your location. In return, this person will get extra Scuter credit to use on another ride.

When a user finds a Scuter with low battery, they can rent the vehicle and drive it to the nearest swapping station. After doing so they can continue their drive to the final destination and get this ride for free.

Scuter is more than renting a vehicle, it’s being part of a community.

Who can drive Scuter?

Scuter is an EU approved vehicle that will be available for everyone with a scooter or driver license (subject to local rules). Scuter it is not only safe to drive but also easy for people who are not experienced with riding a scooter.

The proprietary designed steering/leaning suspension provides the same feeling as driving a car, but still, you’re as agile as a scooter avoiding traffic jams and parking problems.

Register and drive 

Register online

Click on our website or download the App and register yourself. It takes just a few minutes.

Confirm driver license

Go to one of our charging points or have an online conversation with our team and activate your account showing us your driving license.


Just pick any available Scuter from the fleet and activate the rental with the app. Drive wherever you want and enjoy the ride.


Park the vehicle wherever you like in the area shown on the map in the app. Close your rental and enjoy your free gained time.