About Scuter

Scuter  offers a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution based on an innovative electric smart ride-on scooter designed just for sharing. Clean, agile, and safe, Scuter reduces vehicle footprints in the city. Scuter is specially designed for car drivers to make the driving experience more comfortable and safe. Because of the flexibility and the ease of parking throughout the city, it will give transportation a whole new dimension.

Be Safe

Scuter is homologated for a helmetless drive. You simply fasten your seatbelt. The shell will protect you from rain, wind, and provide you with extra security in case of an accident. So, no more helmet-sharing.

Be Green

Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Scuter runs on environmentally friendly green electricity. The batteries are swappable so there is no time wasted, waiting to charge. Off you go, to a better world!

Be Smart

Time was never as valuable as in today’s society, and yet we have never spent so much time waiting in traffic. Scuter’s goal is to reduce or eliminate the number of cars in city centers, so we can move around as fast as possible, door to door.

Be Free

Scuter will be available in large cities. You can leave them everywhere within the geo-fenced area. Think of the time you will save finding a parking spot in the center of your city because you are riding on a Scuter

Who can use Scuter

Who can use Scuter? Scuter is specially designed for car drivers. This means everyone with a driver license is able to ride Scuter. Having a protective cell combines the feeling of freedom and safety during your ride.

How does it work?

You will find Scuter throughout the entire city. You simply unlock the vehicle with your mobile App, and just start to ride. You can drive around the city and the App will tell you where you are allowed to end your rent. You will be able to park for free without wasting your time in looking for a parking spot!


Scuter’s dynamic pricing is unique. It may sound a bit confusing at first. It’s actually pretty logical. You pay an average fee per minute. “Helping” the Scuter community, by switching a battery or dropping the Scuter at a recommended place, you will pay less, or even ride for free!

Public funding received

Scuter received EU funding to research and develop cutting edge technology to be installed on board, in order to enable value-added services and revenue streams over the sharing mobility free floating model. In addition, the funding will help Scuter develop advanced data intelligence features.