About Us

The founders grew up in Rome, and as typical citizens, experienced the daily struggle of getting around the city. Urban public transportation is often a disaster. By car, it’s impossible to drive around the city because of heavy traffic, and when you’ve finally reached your destination the worst is yet to come – finding a parking spot. Using a commercial scooter speeds this process but it is dangerous and affected by bad weather. Rome is just one of a large number of European cities which are facing these problems because they are not built for cars.

Scuter is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution that can solve city mobility problems by using the latest technology. That is why the founders decided to set up Scuter. First of all, it is a proven fact that sharing electric vehicles will be our future. Fewer private vehicles mean less traffic on the roads and fewer cars in the parking lots. In addition, most cities are affected by car pollution so it is time to go Green.

Virtually all major cities need a way to solve these problems and Scuter is that solution.


Gianmarco Carnovale
Gianmarco CarnovaleCoFounder – CEO
I’m a serial tech entrepreneur, a startup mentor and chairman of “Roma Startup”, an association of corporate entities supporting the startup ecosystem in Rome. A true instinct for business opportunities. Passionate about technology and for good Italian food.
Gabriele Carbucicchio
Gabriele CarbucicchioCoFounder – CFO
I’m a management consultant and automotive entrepreneur. CoFounder of Scuter and Italmoto with strong knowledge of the automotive and startup business. I believe in a better future where cars will fly and pollution will not be an issue anymore.
Carmine di Nuzzo
Carmine di NuzzoCoFounder – CDO
I designed my first motorcycle when I was 6, and I didn’t stop ever since. In 2011 I set up a company to re-launch the iconic brand “Lambretta”. In 2013 I started “Italmoto”. Up today I designed and industrialized more than 20 motorcycles, including Scuter. Soon I will start designing an electrically powered spaceship.
Luca Ruggeri
Luca RuggeriCo-Founder - CTO
Engineer, aeons of experience in everything that is power supplied or runs in the cloud. I’m passionate about human-machine interaction and I truly believe in the scientific method, in Batman and Ironman.